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      Home >> News >>Industry News >> Cold drink machine: mobile network red cold drink machine

      Cold drink machine: mobile network red cold drink machine

      Mobile beverage cooler configuration

      Mobile cold drink full set of technology + equipment: now join in learning a full set of beverage technology. The hottest technology at present is smoking cold drink, layered cold drink, fresh fruit light drink, technical formula package teaching package meeting, lifelong after-sales service and updated teaching!

      I One mobile cold drink truck

      II 2 special insulation barrels

      III 2 intelligent beverage machines

      IV 1 barrel of apple juice

      V Strawberry juice 1 barrel

      Vi 1 barrel of orange juice

      VII Flavor fructose 1 barrel

      VIII 1 electronic gram scale

      IX 100 special cups

      X 100 special covers

      Xi 100 pattern straws

      XII 2 special measuring cups

      XIII 1 egg beater

      XIV 1 ice making abrasive

      XV 1 dedicated Bluetooth audio

      16、 Milk tea pudding powder 1 Pack

      17、 Pearl milk tea bag 1

      18、 1 pack of fine milk tea powder

      19、 One special selling recording

      20、 VIP account video technology teaching

      Support to pay a deposit and pay the remaining balance after the goods arrive!

      Project features: one person can operate, simple operation, easy to learn, low cost, high profit, wide range of sales, night market, school gate, park, community, temple fair, snack street, community gate, market, pedestrian street, township, can also be used for store drainage

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