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      Juicer: high performance commercial Juicer

      Product recommendation

      This product is a high-efficiency juicer for vegetables, fruits, sauces and cold drinks. It is suitable for restaurants, supermarkets and beverage stores. It has excellent performance, fashionable and simple appearance. It is a "fighter" in the juicer.

      It has low requirements for materials. Almost all vegetables, fruits, even sauces and soups can be used. It can be said to be an all-round Juicer; The stirring knife is made of stainless steel. After special processing, it not only does not rust, but also is extremely strong. No matter how hard food is, it can instantly turn into "juice"; In addition, another feature of this product is that the machine rotates very fast. Therefore, the juicing efficiency is very high, and the juicing speed can be adjusted according to the demand; Each part of this product can be split to facilitate the hygiene and cleaning of each part and ensure the hygiene and safety of food; It has extremely high mute performance, basically no noise, and provides users with a high-quality and quiet working environment.

      Specification: 21.3 × twenty-three point five × H40. 5cm

      Capacity: 1.5L

      Voltage: single phase 100V 50 / 60Hz

      Power consumption: 950W

      Speed: high speed 18600 / 1 minute

      Medium speed 15000 / 1 minute

      Low speed 8900 / 1 minute

      Processing capacity: 0.7L

      Rated time: 10 minutes

      Weight: 5.4kg

      • Telephone

        • 13286329855