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      Royal-Kincool established in 2003, with a history of 16 years, specialized in researching and developing and manufacturing deli showcase (cold & hot), stainless steel refrigerator, drinking machinery and other commercial catering & hotel refrigeration equipment. There are about 30,000 square meters, and more than 300 employees, including 40 skillful engineers.

      With more than 400 models, we have passed and acquired most of international certification, such as CE, CB, ETL, KC, SASO, LFGB, ROHS, REACH, SAA, MEPS and European Energy Efficiency Label. Our products are exported to more than 100 countries. The quality is favored by customers all over the world and popular in Europe, America, Middle East, Australia, Africa and Southeast Asia









      About us

      In 2003

      jim Chan led 9 key employees started their business in this 960O workshop, with the goal of manufaturing the best cake display showcase.

      In 2004

      The biggest commercial refrigerator equipment importer in Indonesia GEA invested 200,000 USD to joined Royal-Kincool, which has injected new blood into

      Royal-Kincool's development.

      In the same year, Royal-Kincool decided to found its own glass manufacturing company, providing a strong support for Corollas manufacturing of high

      quality cake display cases.

      Meantime, Royal-Kincool also developed the preset cold drink machine series.

      In 2005

      The founder Jim Chan and technical partner Wang Shuicai headed towards CARPIGIANI Headquarters in Bologna, Italy on invitation. After three-month intensive training of Jim Chan and Wang Shuicai on granita machine and ice cream maker manufacturing technologies, CARPIGIANI immediately singed the cooperation agreement with Corolla in regard to processing and manufacturing granita machines. For years afterwards, Royal-Kincool has been CARPIGIANIs only granite machine provider in the world.

      In 2009

      Royal-Kincool had expanded the business area to 7,000 square meters, doubling production capacity.

      In the same year, Royal-Kincool also took the lead to producing in assembly line, reducing work load of employees greatly and product quality to a larger extent. Although the whole world was suffering from financial crisis, this

      strategy help the company got exempted from the influence in its turnover. On the contrary, the turnover increased over 400% on a year-on-year basis. According to the statistics of the Customs, Royal-Kincool was ranked at the

      fourth place for export growth in Zhongshan at the same year.

      In 2010

      Royal-Kincool built an air-conditioning performance and thermal energy lab at national level , providing favorable conditions for the Company product development and quality improvement.

      Established the gravity warehouse, greatly increased the company's storage capacity, providing more space for the development of the company.

      Meanwhile, Royal-Kincool successfully developed Slush machine and multi-functional hot drink machine, took a big step of companys diversified operations and product category completement.

      In 2012

      Royal-Kincool took the lead to propose the concept of full life cycle smart manufacturing and smart service (PLM) with an aim to offering a set of smart product manufacturing, smart quality control, and smart product service solution for the refrigeration industry.

      In the same year, Royal-Kincool cooperated with Mechanical Engineering School of Huazhong University of Science and Technology to launch the full life cycle project officially.

      In 2013

      Royal-Kincool relocated to a new factory with an area of nearly 30,000 square meters..

      At the same year, the executives of the company decided to start business in control system and established Zhongshan Royal-Kincool Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

      In 2014

      S.S. refrigerator division was renamed bakery equipment division, specializing in the manufacture of cake display showcase, fermentation cabinet, upright chiller & freezer with bakery trays and other baking supporting products. In the same year, Royal-Kincool medical refrigeration equipment branch was established, the products will involve kitchen freezers and medical equipment in many fields.

      In 2018

      Won the title of high-tech enterprise

      In 2018

      Won the title of high-tech enterprise

      In 2018

      Won the title of high-tech enterprise

      In 2019

      Obtain the European energy efficiency label for commercial refrigerators

      In 2021

      New factory in Jiangmen, After 18 years of development , Royal-Kincool has been in a leading position of the commercial refrigeration equipment filed, become a benchmark enterprise in China's cold chain industry.

      In May 2021, Royal-Kincool successfully bid for 15000 O of land of buiding in Jiangmen city, and committed to building a digital ,intelligent cold chain manufacturer.


      Looking forward to the future, Royal-Kincool continue to strive for the higher goals.


      Core of the Enterprise culture

      Business development holds the development strategy of "doing practical things, seeking growth."

      Based on the principle of benefit sharing and common development with partners

      Actively implement innovation in ideas, technology, management and marketing services and other aspects,

      strive to share the interests of enterprises, customers and society.

      Thinking about the future

      • Telephone

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