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      產品展廳 / Products

      Product features

      This product can be used to make smoothies, milkshakes, juice and other cold drinks
      1. High grade and luxurious modeling
      2. Advanced electronic controller, whose electronic display can accurately display the temperature of beverage and has fault protection function;
      3. It adopts imported compressor from Europe and electronic expansion valve with patent quasi frequency conversion technology, which has strong refrigeration and energy saving
      4. Patented DC mixing system, large torque and durable;
      5. High brightness LED lighting, energy saving, long service life
      6. Stainless steel shell decoration and ABS side plates of different colors are durable
      7. Food grade high density crack proof PC barrel, healthy and environmental protection
      8. Anti overflow buoy indication
      9. The barrel and tap are easy to disassemble and clean to ensure sanitation
      10. Product approval CE.ETL , ROHS, etc
      11. Power supply voltage and frequency can be selected by customers
      12. The color of side plate is available

      Product parameters

        型號  MyGranita-2S
       尺寸(mm)  470×515×810
       溫度范圍  -2~-10°C
       容積(L)  12+12
       電流(A)  4.2
       功率(W)  850
       壓縮機匹數(HP)  3/4
       凈重(Kgs)  49
       毛重(Kgs)  68